About MyPermits

What is MyPermits?

MyPermits lets contractors and homeowners complete permit applications online and receive permits immediately upon completion of the application and payment. You can print your permit from the receipt page or print it later through your MyCity account.

MyPermits allows contractors to apply for:

MyPermits allows homeowners to apply for:

Please see www.reddeer.ca/permits to find the details for all permit requirements.

Experience has shown persons not familiar with these installations, and the applicable code requirements, often complete work that requires extensive corrections and can create hazards. Because of this fact, The City of Red Deer recommends that if you have had no previous knowledge or experience with these installations you should engage the services of a licensed contractor to apply for the required permits, and complete the work.

What do I need to use MyPermits?



How do I create a MyCity account?

Visit www.reddeer.ca/mycity and view the step by step guide on setting up your MyCity account and accessing the MyCity login page.

How do I register my business license to my MyCity account?

You will need your business license account number and access code. This can be found on your business license renewal statement or you can contact Licensing at licensing@reddeer.ca or phone 403-342-8182 for assistance. Once you have your business license account number and access code:

Frequently Asked Questions about MyPermits

When I select my business account I receive the message “The selected contractor is not valid for this permit type or the certificates on this account have expired”. What does this mean?

You do not have a valid trade certificate on your business license that matches the permit type you are trying to apply for, or your current certificate has expired. Please contact Licensing at licensing@reddeer.ca or phone 403-342-8182 for assistance.

Why are there licensing fees being added with my permit application fee?

Your business license account has outstanding business license fees. You must pay your business license fees before you are permitted to complete an online application. We have added the fees to your transaction for your convenience, so you do not have to leave your application to complete paying your license fees separately.

How do I book my inspections?

Once you are ready for an inspection, you can book it through your MyCity account or through MyInspections.